Azurill was one of the only season 1 characrters In episode 1 Corphish said there was no white house when he was a kid and said yes there was and jumped off the cliff. in episode 2 he was one of the people who did not fall a sleep in episdoe 4 he the old guy said there was no cups when i was a kid and say yes there was in episode 5 he did nothing in episode 6 Valentino said you have a ball on your head i love you in episode 7 he and trurtwig both got hit in the face in episode 8 he did nothing again in the finale the old guy said there were no video cameras when i was a kid and said i dont care and was a runner up.

  • In the final trailer for the finale it said Azurill the cutie
  • Azurill hardly said anything the whole season
  • Valentino liked because he had a ball on his head

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