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Black Yoshi on the show

Black yoshi is a new contestant on the show Total Stuffed Island Season 2 . In episode one was introduced. In episode 2 he joined team daren dragonite the 3rd and jumped. In episode 3 he was one of the seekers.In episode 5 he was the first one eaten.In episode 6 he sang we will rock you. In episode 7 he fought Emolga and won and then fought Bonsly and lost. In episode 8 he did not wear anything thus making him in the final 5 worst outfits, and the judges thought he had the worst outfit.Black Yoshi was in an alliance with Lotso,Blue, Purp , and Crack Yoshi .

  • ==TRIVIA==
  • Black Yoshi is the only character to curse on the show.
  • He was also in Luigifan00001's show.
  • He was eliminated when there were new teams on his show.
  • Black yoshi was one of the three people who wore nothing in episode 8