Blue is one of Lotso's bodyguards. He appeared on Total Stuffed Island Season 2. In episode 2, he jumped with
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Purp. In Episode 3 They were two seekers. In Episode 4, They assisted Lotso in the challenge. In Episode 5 he got eaten 2nd after Purp. In Episode 6 He Sung " FOR HES A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW!" Along with Purp and Lotso. In Episode 7 he fought Red Angry Bird and lost. In Episode 8, he and Purp were two pigs in a blanket. In Episode 9, he and Purp threw Lotso In the wrong direction. He and Purp got tied in Emolga's web. In Episode 12 he was the 7th to be captured. In Episode 13, he was the 5th to die and was eliminated.


It is unkown if they're related to the Penguin bodyguards on total stuffed fluffed island.

Episode 7 is main the episode when they're seperated.

Episode 7 Purp avenged Blue.

Black Yoshi was in his alliance but got eliminated


The closest picture of blue we could afford.