Bonsly is a newcomer in Total Stuffed Season 2. In Episode 1 he was introduced by crying. In episode 2 he was the first one not to jump. In episode 3 he hid in the grass and was found when Squirtle pissed on him. In episode 5 he got eaten by the dog after screaming. In Episode 6 he said he didn't know any songs. In episode 7 he fought Mime Jr , Black Yoshi, and lost to Red Angry Bird. In episode 8 he was in the final 3 for worst outfits. In episode 9 he was tied with Emolga and Bulbasaur and was tangled in Emolga's web. In episode 10 he and Emolga thought the Easter bunny was coming and just kept waiting for him or (Floppy Mchare) to show up.In episode 11 he got the quiz question wrong.In Episode 12 he and Emolga were the 2nd and 3rd to be captured. In Episode 13, he was the 7th to die. In episode 14, he got Chatot as a pet.

  • ==TRIVIA==
  • Black Valentino called him a pussy
  • In episode 6 he didnt know any songs
  • He was the first one to be in the chair of losers
  • Bonsly is still in the game for total stuffed island, but in luigifan00001's show he was eliminated in episode 9.