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Bulbasaur, the good cop.

Bulbasaur is a character on Total Stuffed Island Season 2 . He and Riolu are the Police. He joined Pikachu's team in Episode 2 and also jumped. In episode 3 he and Riolu found Fish and Poliwhirl. In Episode 4 he got captured and Riolu didn't help him. While everyone was going to Midget Black Valentino, they forgot Bulbasaur, thus costing the Elimination. When it appeared Bulbasaur was eliminated, Riolu was instead thanks to Red Angry Bird. In Episode 5, he got eaten by the dog. In episode 6, he didn't sing do to "Budget Cuts." In Episode 7 he fought Poliwhirl, trashed talked to him and Lost. In Episode 8, he wore a hat on his Bulb. He was tied to Emolga and Bonsly in episode 9. He got caught in Emolga's web. In Episode 10 he found 3 eggs. He then got eliminated.

Bulbasaur was in the Bottom 2 in Episode 4.


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The popo