Emolga as he appears on Total Stuffed Island

Ivory's Emolga-1-

Emolga in the pokemon animation, HOLDIN AN APPLE LIKE A BOSS!

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Emolga Snickering to himself

Emolga is a character on Total Stuffed Island Season 2. He usually talks really fast and doesn't pause between sentences. On episode 2, Emolga went on team hmmm. Emolga was the last one to jump and if he didn't jump there would be a double elimination! In episode 3 Emolga was one of the hiders but got caught by Crack Yoshi. In Episode 4 was nervous about hurrying up. Episode 5 Emolga was talking about being strong, then got eaten. Episode 6 Emolga sang Somewhere over the rainbow, Episode 7 he was sorry for hurting Black Yoshi and screamed like a girl.In Episode 8, he wore a hat, and Scraggy commented that he looked like a lamp. (A pantless lamp.) Emolga was in the final 5 worst outfits in Episode 8. In episode 9, Emolga was tied to Bulbasaur and Bonsly. He made a web and tried to carry everyone. He was called The Little Engine that couldn't at elimination. In Episode 11, he got the question wrong. In Episode 12 he and Bonsly were the 2nd and 3rd to be captured. In Episode 13 he was the 2nd to be killed, Killed by Blue. In episode 14, he got A dog as a pet.

Emolga won the challenge in Episode 2.