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Fish is a character on Total Stuffed Island Season 2. Out of them all Fish was the weakest. Poliwhirl had to constantly fill him with water. In episode 2, he jumped, with Poliwhirl jumping after him. In episode 3, the Riolu and Bulbasaur found him and butterfree in a corner, while in episode 4, he was doing the same thing. In episode 5, he was eaten by the dog, in episode 6 he sang, Coughhhhh! Lotso tried to teach it how to fly, but was injured.



Fish is a Butterfree

Fish is the only character to not be eliminated at an elimination

Fish was sometimes called baby, by Poliwhirl.

Fish has never talked.

Fish is sometimes referred to as a girl

It's Possible FIsh is a Girl.

Fish is reffered to as a female, in Episode 1, and a guy in other episodes.

Fish Is Luigifan00001's 2nd Least Favorite character, as he thought he did nothing.
230px-Pink Butterfree

Fish with a pink butterfree

250px-Orange Islands Butterfree

An orange fish? 0_0