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Jolly Walrus.

thumb|300px|right|Jolly's Final episodeJolly Walrus is a new contestant of Total Stuffed Island Season 2. He sounds like a hillbilly and can only laugh. He says only "GUHICHICHIC!" He joined team Hmmm, and was chucked off the cliff, while laughing. In episode 3, he had trouble hiding, and made Pikachu think he saw him. He was the main reason Lotso was caught. He went for a new place to hide and eventually got captured by Squirtle. He was in the Bottom 2 with Toad and was eliminated. Lotso was the main cause of this, for Jolly fell on him. In Episode 12 Jolly was the kidnapper.



Jolly has never been safe. This is due to being the 1st eliminated from his team.

The same thing applies to Church Bear.

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