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Lotso as he appears on the show.


Lotso in toy story 3.

Lotso, also known as Lotso Huggin Bear, is a character on Total Stuffed Island Season 2. He is currently in an alliance with Purp, Blue, and Crack Yoshi. In Episode 1, he gave Midget Black Valentino a hug, cause "He's a hugger." In Episode 2, he made Team Daren Dragonite the 3rd , and he jumped. He also made his bodyguards beat up Church Bear In episode 3, he was found by Red Angry Bird, because of Jolly Walrus. In Episode 4, he was the leader. In Episode 5 he got eaten by the dog. In episode 6, he and his boys (Blue and Purp) sung "FOR HE'S A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW!" In Episode 7, he fought Pikachu and won. Then he fought Red Angry Bird and lost. In Episode 8, Lotso wore Sports pants. In Episode 9 he and Psyduck were paired, and won the challenge. Lotso stole eggs in Episode 10. He also accused Bulbasaur of giving eggs to pigs.In Episode 12, he was the 1st to get captured. In Episode 13, he was the 8th to die. In episode 14, he got Alien as a pet.

Lotso won the challenge In episode 4.

Lotso won the Challenge in Episode 9.


Lotso has caused the most eliminations, with a total of 6.

Lotso is one of Luigifan00001's favorites.

Midget Black Valentino called Lotso's Team, "The Bear Team."

Black Yoshi was in his alliance but got eliminated.