120px-BFP2 Psyduck white

Psyduck as he appears in Stuffed Island

Psyduck is an OLD SCHOOL Returning Contestant on Total Stuffed Island Season 2. He and Turtwig are the retarded buddies! In Epiosde 2, Tradgedy struck, HE WAS ON THE OTHER TEAM! He said that he would "Cry and probally eat a baby." But never ate a baby. In Episode 2 He jumped after his retarded friend Turtwig. In episode 3 he was a Seeker, In episode 4, he and Turtwig had a moment, of RETARDED FRIENDSHIP!!! In episode 5, He got eaten after saying Buddy. In Episode 6, he Sung Friday, singing "SEVEN AM WAKING UP IN THE MORNING-" Episode 7 he fought Turtwig and couldn't do it. When Midget Black Valentino, threw Turtwig, Psyduck was the winner. He then fought Blue and lost. In Episode 8, Psyduck was in a giant shoe. In Episode 9, he was paired with Lotso. He was reading Pokepark wii and helped win. Psyduck was eliminated for being useless in Episode 10


Psyduck was eliminated in Episode 10.


Psyduck grew up in a forest near Pallet town. He ate multiple poisonous berries and fought many Pidgeys and Rattatas, his main weapon was the head butt. Due to many blows to the head and berries eating away at his brain, Psyduck became retarded. While Meowth was on a hunt for retards to lock away in his retard prison, he found Turtwig and brought him with him. Psyduck met Turtwig there. The two then broke out after 1 whole year in the retarded prison. He went back to Turtwig and hugged him.Edit

Psyduck on a swing

Psyduck swinging. Turtwig is on another swing.



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