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Angry Bird in the series

The Red Angry bird is a character on Total Stuffed Island Season 2. He normally says "Pull it back!" He jumped in episode 2. He found Lotso, in Episode 3 for Pikachu told him to look there. In Episode 4 he got stuck when searching for the Wii Remote. In Episode 5 he DIDNT get eaten by the dog and won the challenge. In episode 6, the sang "Pull it back"! Episode 7, he fought Blue and won, then against Lotso and won. He then lost to Purp. In Episode 8, he wore a red coat. In Episode 9, he and Pikachu were the 1st two to make it. In episode 11, he failed by answering bawk bawk bawk. In episode 12 He won the challenge. In Episode 13, he was the last to die. In episode 14, he got Snorlax as a pet.


Angry Bird won Episode 5's challenge.


Boris is his original name As seen in Seamus The Lephrichaun Season 2 Episode 4

He is one of the most helpful characters, winning alot of challenges.

ILVGwebmaster told Luigifan00001 he would be on the show.

In Episode 7 he fought the 3 evil guys. (Lotso, Blue, and Purp.)

Pigs and Other Birds are not present even though ILVG has all the birds and One Pig.

However they appeared in episode 10.



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