Toad is a new contestant on Total Stuffed Island Season 2.

Toad on Total Stuffed Island

In episode 1 Valentino asked Toad if he was the same Toad frome the Toad Show. He said yes then had a meltdown because fans liked it more. In episode 2 he jumped off the cliff. In episode 3 he was one of the last hiders but was caught after standing on a tree, he was going to be eliminated but Lotso wanted to take out Jolly Walrus. In episode 4, Turtwig was going to sing but Toad hit on the head to stop him. In episode 5 he got eaten by the dog. In episode 6 he was one of the advancers but wasnt the best. In episode 7 he fought Crack Yoshi and lost. In episode 8 Toad made a costume and said he was Peach. In episode 9 he lost the challenge after he and Mickey destroyed Midget Black Valentino's wii.


  • He was Tied with Mickey in episode 9
  • Toad was the 1st defeated in Episode 7.
  • He almost was eliminated in episode 3
  • In luigifan00001's show he was out in episode 11 and is on Drifblim's derpious spin off show as the statistics guy.