Total Stuffed Island Season 2 is a show created by Tyler Donnay (Aka ILVGwebmaster).The show is about plush campers going to an island, get put into 2 different teams,and do challenges to survive on the island,not to be eliminated. The show is hosted by a plush bear named Midget Black Valentino.In this season there are 21 contestants to start out the season.There are 15 new characters (Newbies) and 6 AWESOME, OLD SCHOOL returning FAN FAVORITES

Total Stuffed Island Season 2 Episode 1 New Beginnings

Total Stuffed Island Season 2 Episode 1 New Beginnings


Midget Black Valentino

Red Angry Bird



Mickey (Eliminated)

Pikachu (Eliminated)

Toad (Eliminated)

Bulbasaur (Eliminated)

Turtwig (Eliminated)

Riolu (Eliminated)

Jolly Walrus (Eliminated)

Team Daren Dragonite the third:


Bodyguards (Blue and Purp) (Eliminated)

Crack Yoshi


Blue Angry Bird

Mime Jr

Psyduck (Eliminated)

Black Yoshi (Eliminated)

Fish (Eliminated)

Squirtle (Eliminated)

Church Bear (Eliminated)

Eliminations for the show:

1.Church Bear

2.Jolly Walrus

3. Riolu

4. Squirtle

5. Fish (Butterfree)

6. Turtwig

7. Black Yoshi

8. Toad

9. Bulbasaur

10. Psyduck

11. Purp (Purple Bodyguard)

12. Pikachu

13. Blue (Blue Bodyguard)

14. Mickey

Staff for the show:

ILVGwebmaster:Voice actor and creator

MrJaxBoy:Voice actor

plushiebox123:Head in Advertisment


Midget Black Valentino's Beanie Baby Name is, Haunt.

Midget Black Valentino actually liked the team names. Unlike Valentino, He Thought Pikachu's sounded sexy.

There have been 9 guest apperiances, Scraggy, 5 angry birds, Edward, Petey, and Weavile.