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Turtwig himself


Turtwig's reaction to not being on the same team as Psyduck.

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Animated drummer Turtwig.

Turtwig is an OLD SCHOOL return on Total Stuffed Island Season 2. He is A retarded buddy like Psyduck. He was the 6th one eliminated for singing the alphabet song. In episode 2 tragedy struck, HE AND PSYDUCK WERE ON DIFERENT TEAMS! Episode 2, he jumped off the cliff and joined team hmmm. Episode 3, he was with Toad, and cost the team the challenge. In episodes 4 and 5, he hung out with Psyduck, While in episode 4 he had a moment staring at Psyduck, and got eaten by the dog in episode 5. In Episode 6 he sang the ABC Song. While in episode 7, he fought Psyduck, didn't fight him, and got thrown out by Valentino. He sang the alaphabet song AGAIN and got himself eliminate

He can play drums like a true retarded buddy!




Turtwig was born in a volcano. Strangely somehow he survived inside for around ten years. The heat turned him into a retard since he was a grass type. While Meowth was on a hunt for retards to lock away in his retard prison, he found Turtwig and brought him with him. Turtwig met Psyduck in prison. The two broke out after a year in the retard prison. He returned to Psyduck and hugged him.